Everyday that I am able to dedicate to my studio practice and its process is an act of sheer beauty. I do not take this ability for granted and I count myself very fortunate for the blessings that have come from my creating art in the studio. I do not say this in response to the readings but purely from my life experience. There are, however, other instances where I think that I am proud to be an artist and in a search for something in the studio process. Dana Sawyer, a former professor of mine from the Maine College of Art feels that Artists are similar to religious leaders who are searching for enlightenment. He would contend that making Art is a form of enlightenment, as Artists are the ones that are hungriest for it and will find their path to it, and that through their creating art is the path to the infinite.

In my studio process, I examine through the making of art, my relationship with history, world mythology and creation myths that are both mine and others, and which relate to my immediate world. Chris Ofili in a conversation with Thelma Golden said that the more one talks about things that the more they become mythical. He says, "It is possible through belief, help, and friendship to liberate yourself and go to another place where you are accepted. That is what painting can be about. That through making paintings you get to a better place; you get to be a better painter." (Golden 2003)

I feel very fortunate to spend my time thinking about whatever inspires me. Presently it is thinking about maps as skins on top of topographies and spiritual identity. I see my art as maps of spiritual connectivity and my marks are broken up in a personal language. I have been in the world enough to know that most of the time I am the only one who really cares about what the process is in my studio or what I am thinking about throughout it. This is fine with me.

Beauty to me comes from within, it is a process where one cannot ignore it, one has to stop and honor it. It is not superficial; it is SACRED in its highest form. It is truth.

Golden, T. (2003). "Chris Ofili within reach." British Pavilion, 50th Venice Biennale I Words.